A Town Called Story

I’ve discovered a brilliant new TV programme which I am totally mad about.  It’s a scfi show by the name of, A Town Called Eureka, about this fictional American town populated entirely by scientific geniuses.

Before anyone says anything, yes, I know it was cancelled in series five in 2012, because it didn’t make “enough profit,” but I’m seeing it for the first time so let me enjoy it.

As scfi programmes go, it has more than it’s fair share of ‘rubber science’ [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rubber_science], all delivered with intense fervour and absolutely straight faces – the writers must have had fun making up all those pseudo scientific terms.

Whilst the premise is about super-smart people doing super-smart science, there are a few things that set this programme apart form others of its ilk:

  • Memorable and well crafted characters – all the main players are almost caricatures of themselves, but not quite.
  • The series does not take itself too seriously, e.g. the android deputy sheriff has a stupid grin on his face all the time and an annoyingly chirpy attitude.
  • The weekly storylines always concern themselves with the relationships between the different main characters, and the scientific storylines nearly always provide the barriers, stumbling blocks, and challenges that move the relationship stories along.  The result is that you really get to care about these characters and their bizarre lives.

This fantastic story telling and clever writing, which provides a TV equivalent of an intoxicating page turner.  I intend to track down the series writers and see what else they are working on.

I am also resolved to adding more character relationship storylines to my future novels, which are fed and powered by the main plot.  This will be difficult and I’ll need to tweak the plot lines to facilitate this, but I reckon that if I can resolve one relationship storyline every three to six chapters I will increase the appeal of my stories exponentially.

If you have experience of this kind of writing, please provide some details in the comments.

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