Best Steampunk Reads

It is not always easy to find good Steampunk books, especially as most are written by indie authors.

This is a selection of books by Indie Steampunk authors who have either been featured on this website (check out the author interviews), or whose books I enjoyed.  I hope you enjoy reading them just as much.


Beyond The Starline  by the amazing Austin Hackney.  Middle grade and Young Adult.  Brilliant and original characters you will instantly fall in love with. 




Captain Harry and her crew arrive on the Island of Birds only to find there’s a dark underbelly to the superficial beauty of the fabled isle.  Austin Hackney’s much anticipated sequel to Beyond The Starline.






Amazing steampunk airship racing by the talented Melanie Karsak.  Expect deep, edgy, multi-faceted characters.






A second, much anticipated, outing for Melanie Karsak’s fascinating, multi-dimensional airship racer, Lily Stargazer-she’s talented, reckless, and her life is such a mess, but you can’t help loving her.





A lovely short story prequel to Melanie Karsak’s Chasing the Star Garden. Oodles of Christmas charm.




Two sisters. One ornithopter. The African Savannah. And one Army.  The latest steampunk novella from the prolific Steve Turnbull.



Set in a past that never was, five tales of adventure and excitement from the pen of five completely different authors sharing the vast steampunk world of Steve Turnbull.




A great introduction to the Indian steampunk world of Steve Turnbull and his fascinating crime  fighting character, Maliha Anderson.  Loved it.



Disclaimer: I will receive a small associate’s fee if you purchase any of the above books by referral from this site i.e. if you click on a picture or text above and then buy the book.

If you are looking for books on the craft of writing, you can find my recommendations in my article Great Books For Writers.

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