I’m having to refresh my entire author platform.  Why?  Because some pesky author has decided to use the name Nick Travers as a character in their detective stories (I must read them).  Coincidence I’m sure, but they are ranking higher than my old Nick Travers.com blog page on Google.

My previous blog was designed at the very start of the social media age and is no longer fit for purpose.  Since then Twitter, my social medium of choice, has hit the scene .  So if revamping is required, I decided to go the whole hog and design a complete new website compatible with my marketing strategies on Twitter.  In fact, the two will complement each other very well and form the start of that all important marketing funnel.

So here I am at WordPress.

So here I am at WordPress. Yeh, I’m still playing with the site and adding content, but I hope to have it all up and running soon so I can get back to the serious task of writing . Enjoy.