Death Defying Leap

IMG_20160619_091043The yellow dot in this photo is me abseiling 360 feet down the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth UK.  I don’t like heights, but this was terrifying.  I was shaking for ages after the climb.

Why would I put myself through this torture?  Well, all in a good cause.  I was raising money for a small but effective charity called Revelation Life.

I was so impressed that this charity appear to not just be doing all the right things in the right way, but in a way that spreads viraly through the slums of Nairobi.

To my simple mind, helping someone in such a way that others want to copy it, has got to be worth supporting.

If you would like to help increase the amount raised by this abseil, you can do so at my MyDonate page.


This is your one and only chance to give because I am definitely NOT doing another abseil.

Yep, that is me near the bottom of the tower, kicking my legs wildly, because I could no longer reach the wall

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