Do you have some ideas to write a very good book?

best-seller-ribbon-9182723_sI was recently asked this question by a follower:

Do you have some ideas to write a very good book? I want to write more than anything, but sometimes the ideas simply doesn’t flow or come to me.

This is my answer:

If you are wanting to write fiction, then forget the old adage about writing what you know. No one wants to know what you know; readers want to know what you have experienced, how you reacted, and why.

Character and conflict are at the heart of every good story. is what you do :

  1. Dream up an interesting character.
  2. Give them some interesting character flaws.
  3. Think of something they really, really want, then put it out of their reach.
  4. Dream up another character with opposite characteristics and have them really, really want the same thing.
  5. Now pit the two characters against each other.

Hey presto, you have a protagonist an antagonist, a plot, and conflict – all the elements of a good book.

Now think about the conflicts you have had in your life and use them as the basis for barriers that your protagonist has to overcome to get what they want. Obviously up the anti, and exaggerate the he’ll out of reach situation, but basically that is how you do it.

The rest is down to hard work, your skill as a writer and luck.


P.S. If you have any good ideas, please leave them in the comments section and I will pass then on.

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