Eight Secrets to Book Marketing

Advertising sign on wooden postEveryone thinks it’s easy: write a book, self-publish, rake in the money. But actually it is really, really difficult.

No matter how good your story or how well edited or how brilliant your cover, if your book isn’t visible, it might as well not exist. Self publishing is really all about Self Marketing:

  1. To make sales you need marketing funnels.
  2. To make funnels you need products – books, stories etc.
  3. To get your products noticed you need reviews, lots of them.
  4. To get the reviews you need a fan base.
  5. To get a fan base you need a social media platform.
  6. To get a platform you need followers on social media.
  7. To get followers you farm social media with content
  8. To get content you need to write and publish regularly and often.

The less money you have for adverts the longer it will take. So start writing that next book so you have more products for your marketing funnel, learn about marketing, start building your platform, and give away your existing work to anyone who will provide a review.

Here’s a book that might help you: ‘Write. Publish. Repeat’ by Sean Plat & Johnny B Truant.

All the best,



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