Single or Multiple Point of View

Script writingWhen considering whether to use a single or multiple point of view for your story, there are only three factors you need to consider:

What best makes the story work. How do you want to tell the story – is it better from one pov or does it work better if told by multiple people? This will depend on how you want to construct your story. Start with a single pov and see whether other points of view will help the telling of the story later on.

What do the character want? Oh yes, the characters get a say. Sometimes they demand for their opinion to be heard. Weird? Maybe, but once you start writing you will be surprised how your character’s start to have opinions on what you are doing. Or maybe I’m just odd.

Which reads best? Your writing style may suit one pov better than another. Sometimes, the story or character’s personality can alter your writing style so a particular story sounds better in a certain pov. You need to experiment with different points of view until you find one that flows well and you are happy with.


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