How To Keep Writing

Image result for writing a novel marathonIf you get bored with your story, you can bet your readers are going to get bored too.

If you are one of these people who constantly starts stories, but never finishes them before moving on to the next exciting ides, then what you need to do is to practice telling stories rather than just beginnings. To achieve that you will need:

  1. To understand story arcs – get on the internet and start investigating, then try to fit some of your stories into an arc (there are plenty of alternatives out there).
  2. Create interesting and compelling characters that you are interested in – someone whose story you want to tell.
  3. Drop the niceties. No one wants to read about goody-goody character to whom nice things happen. Get mean. Create really flawed characters to whom bad things happen and tell the story of how they overcome. If a story starts to get boring for you, throw something really nasty and impossible at your character and say, “Now get out of that.”
  4. Practice writing short stories (2,000 – 10,000) words, that way you will get practice writing complete stories before you (and potentially you reader) gets bored. If you write a series of short stories with the same characters, you could probably string them together later into a complete novel, though, the stories would all need to have a common theme/aim.

Good luck,


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