Gaia’s Brood Chapter 49

This is where most authors would say, ”If you want to read chapter 49 of ‘Gaia’s Brood, a dystopian steampunk adventure,’ you can purchase it using the links below:”

Gaia’s Brood at

Gaia’s Brood at

You can do that if you like, and I will be very grateful.

However, to show how much I love my fantastic Wattpad fans I’m going to give you the whole of Gaia’s Brood for free.  Yes, that is what I said, Gaia’s Brood, as an ebook, absolutely free.

Am I mad?  Probably.  But I am also going to ask you to do something for me in return.  What I would like you to do is leave a review of Gaia’s Brood.  Writing a review will really help the visibility of the book on Amazon and help other people to discover and enjoy the book.  You can leave your reviews at:

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Write a Customer Review,
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If you are a super-duper mega fan, you can follow the progress of the sequel, Coggler’s Brood, as I write it, at Coggler’s Brood on Patreon.  You can even become a patron of the arts and get a free copy of Coggler’s Brood, once it is completed, by pledging a monthly amount.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the story.

Nick Travers

A Dystopian steampunk Author

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