Gaia’s Brood

Gaia's Brood
Gaia’s Brood

Airships, floating cities, and Steampunk adventure. Let the fabulous Nina Swift sweep you into her incredible dystopian future.

The day after Nina Swift’s 21st birthday, she sets out to retrace her famous mother’s final, fatal, journey.  Within days she’s wanted for murder, arson, manslaughter, and piloting an unlicensed airship. Soon, everyone wants as piece of her: Literally.

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Appreciation for Gaia’s Brood:

“This is probably the most amazing indie story I’ve ever read and I’m not even caught up yet. The descriptive words you use paint the picture so vividly it’s almost as if I’m watching a movie and the words simply help narrate. Incredible!” Lyrical_love22 (Wattpad)

“Nina Swift is incredibly well crafted! I’m only at chapter 3, can’t stop reading it.” @Alkinea (Author of the Blue and Green Fairy Tales).

Coggler’s Brood

Coggler's Brood
Coggler’s Brood

She’s back! With a mystery package to deliver, an atrocity to thwart, and a love interest in tow. Nina Swift immerses herself in Reaver culture to find the elusive Papa Doyle, cross swords with the Master Coggler, and deliver on a promise made to a dying Microtough agent.

More airships, more swashbuckling adventure, more dastardly villains, more Steampunk fun – it’s the return of the fabulous Nina Swift.

Publishing Winter 2015.  You can read the story, here, week by week as the novel develops.

Yay! Nina is back:) And the cover is sooo gorgeous.  Alki Nea

Helium3 Episode 1

Helium3 Episode 1
Helium3 Episode 1

This book is FREE – download it here in whatever digital format you desire.  A gift from me to you.

Today, at the centre of our galaxy, dwell small colonies of a most extraordinary species – humans.

Fourteen-year-old Mervyn Bright has courage, tenacity, and three close friends from the Space Academy: Loren, a brilliant but despised out-worlder, Tarun, heir to a once-powerful dynasty, and Aurora, niece to the embattled Patriarch. Together they make a formidable team.

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Appreciation for Helium3 Episode 1

Nick Travers has is a superb writer with an ease of delivery while keeping the plot taut, the line of complication always ascending to the climax, the characters well-fleshed and fascinating and doing it all in an easy reading style. Jay Squires.

I couldn’t stop turning pages till the book was finished. Great story, super lesson, well done. Must read the others now to find out how things end! I give this a big 2 thumbs up!!! Ruby Wolf.

Good start to what I hope is a long series, had a feel of the academy sort of like hogwarts, but written very well.  Robert Hanaburgh, Jr.

Fun start to a kids sci-fi series that wouldn’t be out of place on your bookshelf next to the likes of Douglas Hill’s Young Legionary series. Blue.

Nice book, I enjoyed reading it. I bought the sequel. Philippe Baranger.

Helium3 Episode 2

    Helium3 Episode 2
Helium3 Episode 2

At the center of our galaxy lives a most extraordinary species – Humans. Snatched from earth, generations ago, by alien slave traders.  Now they are beginning to make their presence felt in the chaotic conflicts of the galaxy.

Someone has destroyed Starlight, the mining asteroid Mervyn Bright calls home. He suspects scheming Lord De Monsero, but how can he prove it? Together with his three close friends from the Space Academy, he follows a trail of clues through the gritty underbelly of the galaxy to an explosive secret.

This is the second book in the Helium3 trilogy.  You can buy it right here.

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Helium3 Episode 3

Helium3 Episode3
Helium3 Episode3

Today, at the centre of our galaxy, dwell small colonies of a most extraordinary species – humans. Mervyn Bright and three close friends from the Space Academy must risk everything to escape Lord De Monsero, and save his family, but in doing so he must pitch human-kind into the heart of a galactic conflict neither desire:  it is time for humans to show their worth.

The concluding episode in the Helium3 trilogy.  Buy it here.

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