European Debate – A right Buggers Muddle

This is an update to my Britain Sleepwalks Out of The EU post of the 8 March 2016:

One thing becoming painfully obvious as this campaign progresses is that most British people have no idea how, as a country, we relate to the EU, and those who support leaving have the least idea of what they are actually wanting to leave:

I have heard people say that once we are out of the EU we will not need to contribute to NATO any more, but our membership of NATO is in no way linked to our membership of the EU.

This morning on the radio I heard a government minister say that outside the EU Britain would be safer because the European Court of Human Rights could no longer interfere with our laws.  Intense dislike of the European Court of Human Rights is common among leave supporters.  Unfortunately the European Court of Human Rights  is not an EU institution and leaving the EU would have no effect on its ability to influence out laws.  The European Court of Justice is an EU institution, but it does not make judgements on human rights.

I have even heard someone looking forward to the return of the British pound note – as if that will ever happen.

More seriously, if as a country, we vote to leave the EU, it is clear that many people will have little idea of what they have actually left.  They may in fact  be very disappointed that the things they most hate about Europe are still with them.

If we remain, it is equally clear we will need to improve our education about what the EU actually is and what it is not.

God help us all.

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