7 Ways to increase your re-tweets & likes

Ever wonder why reciprocal users are not re-tweeting and liking more of your content?

Avoid these seven basic errors that limit the potential of your brand on Twitter:


No original contentNo original content:  On the
internet, content
marketing is king.  If you are not providing something interesting/engaging/useful/quirky for your customers to read or see, you might as well be screaming into the wind.  Get some content out there and  link to it on your twitter posts.

Not enough original content:  On twitter, one of the most common ways to say thank you for a Follow, Like, or Retweet, is to return the favour and Follow, Like, or Retweet the person back.   A Follow for a Follow is no problem.  However, Twitter will only let you Like and Retweet each tweet once.  So if you retweet six of my tweets, but only have one original tweet of your own, I can only Like it once and Retweet it once.  That means you miss out on five Retweets and five Likes that I would like to have done for you.  You can’t build up a reciprocal relationship without having sufficient material available, so tweet more stuff – even if it is the same stuff tweeted over and over again.  See my article on twitter marketing to discover how you can easily automate this (link to interesting/useful content).

No pinned tweet: The easiest way to ensure someone re-tweets your best content in a tweet, is to pin it to the head of your twitter stream on your profile page as a pinned tweet.  Select a tweet and click on the three dots (…), and select “Pin to your profile page” from the dropdown list. Job done.

Old pinned tweet: Remember what I said about twitter only letting you re-tweet and like a tweet once?  Well that also applies to your pinned tweet, so replace it often, either with an identical copy-and-pasted tweet or with more original content.

No Media content:  After the pinned tweet, the next easiest place to find original content is under the ‘Media’ tab.  Every time you attach media to a tweet, such as a picture, it appears under the ‘Media’ tab.  Unlike the ‘Tweet ‘tab, re-tweets and likes do not appear under the ‘Media’ tab.  This means every tweet appearing under the ‘Media’ tab is an original tweet from the originator.  So make it easy for your content to be discovered and attach a picture to every content tweet.

No multi-media content:  Videos, gifs, mems , cartoons, and photos can all act to catch the eye of a user as they scan down their twitter feed at break-neck speed.  Yes, it does all take time to set up, but once you have created a basic number of quality multimedia tweets you can recycle them an infinite number of times simply by cutting and pasting.

No automation:  To avoid spammers, twitter allows only a very limited amount of automation.  Use what there is, it’s a lot quicker than cutting and pasting. Regularly recycle your multi-media tweets that contain quality content.  Use service like Buffer and you will soon fill your ‘Media’ stream with masses of easy to find original content.

Follow these simple rules and you will soon increase the number of re-tweets and like from reciprocal user.


2 thoughts on “7 Ways to increase your re-tweets & likes”

  1. I’m new to Twitter so I always have questions. Why would a person want to increase the re-tweets and likes? Is there a benefit to this? Thank you for your time.

    1. Hi, thanks for the comment. In a word: reach. If someone else re-tweets or likes one of your tweets, then all their followers get to see it too, thereby extending your reach/influence/view exponentially.

      However, if you are one of the few people on twitter not trying to push, sell, market, or publicize anything, then reach may not interest you. Instead, just follow those people that interest you and build interesting relationships. I guess that is what twitter was intended for, rather than the publicity machine it has become.


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