Cool Ultra Mobile keyboard

I don’t usually do reviews unless I come across something truly awesome, but I spotted this Proster Ergonomic Fordable Keyboard on Amazon and just had to give it a try. It didn’t disappoint.
Just today a guy walked up to me while I was using the keyboard,  bluetoothed to my mobile phone, and said, “Now that is a cool piece of tech.”
I’ve been looking for a descent,  lightweight,  fully functioned, foldable key board to use with my mobile phone for a long time.  Everything I’ve seen to date has drawbacks, bits sticking into your hands as you TouchType, chunky battery compartment,  unresponsive rubbery keys, big bulge in the pocket.
The Procter is exactly what I’ve been searching for: It slips neatly into a jacket pocket without bulging, turns on when you open it, has a rechargeable longlife battery hidden somewhere in the ergonomic design, it’s easy to pair and use, clicks distinctly but discretely when in use, is totally unobtrusive,  and firm enough to use on your lap without needing support.
This is it! This is the ultra portable keyboard I’ve been looking for since the Palm Pilot folding keyboard went out of production in the 1990’s – that too was an awesome piece of kit.
Not just a cool bit of kit, the Proster Ergonomic Fordable Keyboard has changed the way I write. No longer do I need to carry round a bulky notebook/laptop, now I can just stroll into coffee shop and produce my mobile phone from one inside pocket and the Proster Keyboard from the other. I prop up the phone on a credit sized plastic stand, that fits inside the keyboard when closed.
Then type directly into an app like Evernote that will sync with my home computer. For the first time I feel totally mobile with my writing – now, I feel, I can truly write anywhere.
The Proster keyboard is truly awesome.  As soon as you unpack it from it’s wrapping you just know you are holding a well designed, quality piece of kit.  It looks good, feels good, and is a joy to use. It’s hassle free and it just works. What more could you ask?
I highly recommend the Proster Ergonomic Foldable Keyboard to anyone looking for a fully featured highly portable keyboard.  If you want one, you can get one here, the Proster Ergonomic Foldable Keyboard.

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