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Writing Vivid Emotions


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I’ve just pre-ordered a new book by Rayne Hall, called ‘Writing Vivid Emotions: Professional Techniques for Fiction Authors‘.  As my regular readers know, I’m always on the lookout for serious books to challenge my writing technique.

I’ve heard good reports of Rayne’s books, but never read any myself.  Being a cold hearted stone myself, I know I struggle  with writing character’s emotions.  However, the thing on the book blurb that really pulled me in was about ‘layering character emotions.’ That sounds like serious writing to me, and when it comes to writing, I’m a great fan of layering.

So I wait with baited breath for the publication date of the 20 February 2017 for my brand spanking new copy of ‘Writing Vivid Emotions: Professional Techniques for Fiction Authors’. The pre-order version was also ridiculously cheep, which helps – something else about which I am serious.

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